Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Awesomeness of Building Community

A month or so ago this blog brought up the MS Project AWESOME, a new initiative done through the advisory groups, whose aim it was to support student engagement and community building. In truth it was a pretty broad starting point and so, understandably, the projects and initiatives were as diverse as the number of advisories themselves. But what great things our students came up with!

The focus was as diverse as providing support to HS students during their assessments, to reading and collaboration opportunities with our school's youngest students. Not to be outdone, several projects were also based on appreciation of the adult members of our community as well. And, of course, a number of initiatives focused on the MS itself, including the introduction of the Falcon Way!  Finally, one group also focused on the environmental issue of water, focusing largely on plastic use through a survey given to MS students and a proposal made to the administration related to that data. 

The above shared images reveal the multitude of topics covered. They were shared with the MS community in a Project AWESOME celebration last week. All in all, it was a month (and a bit) of student-initiated engagement and brought out the best in our students and adult community, focused on the process of service learning (investigating a topic/issue, planning, acting, reflecting and demonstrating), albeit in a less formal manner. It's great to see the difference our students make through their ideas and follow through and it highlights the sheer energy that our MS can generate in becoming change makers in bettering the world around them.  

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