Monday, June 18, 2018

Partnership Highlight: HS Room to Read & The Little Flower School

The end of year rush often catches schools unprepared for the "what do we do with all the left overs" conversation. Typically schools with excess items make assumptions that their left overs will, in fact, be instantly someone else's treasure. But the practical fact is that sometimes books are not a good 'fit', or items for donation are not exactly what is needed by a potential recipient organization or community. 

This year the ES administration, in an attempt to promote sustainable practices, invited teacher to donate unwanted items - ranging form textbooks to educational accessories - to a "flea market" that would allow other teachers to peruse the options and take a few items on, rather than throw items away only to be purchased new by other departments, for example.  For two weeks teachers brought and picked up items to best suit their needs. The remaining items were inventoried and, those that proved appropriate, donated by our Room to Read students to their partner organization, The Little Flower school. 

Typically Room to Read visits revolve around tutoring and supporting learning through experiential engagement but this time their support was "in kind". They worked with their partner students to provide a number of educational and learning resources to the school. Next year, when they start things back up, they'll be accessing some of that to support the learning experiences while they engage. Win-win!  

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