Sunday, June 3, 2018

ES Faculty Celebrates Service Learning!

After another year of work with service learning our ES teachers were happy to share out their respective service learning experiences this year. The Celebration & Share Out was a way of demonstrating the experiences of our littlest ones though grade 5. The approaches to learning were as varied as the grade levels but their curricular connections seemed to support literacy, social studies and/or science for the most part. 

The share out was intended as a way to demonstrate student learning (with particular focus on evidence of learning) to each other and to allow teachers to see what other grade levels engaged in with regard to their authentic learning. 

This year has also led the ES Service Learning Team to generate a list of service learning agreements, based on three years of experiences that we are now able to reflect on. As per the service learning process, we too are reflecting and adjusting, identifying needs and creating plans. For 2018-19 the ES has committed to the following agreements:
  1. Every grade level has a connecting “theme” to service learning
  2. Every service learning experience will be inter/trans-disciplinary in nature
  3. Every grade level commits to the same theme for 3 years (or more)
  4. Every grade level provides all its students a common & similar service learning experience
  5. Every service learning experience will involve the five steps of service learning: (a) Investigation, (b) Planning, (c) Action, (d) Reflection and (e) Demonstration
It is important, of course, to also acknowledge the work of our ES Service Learning team this year whose guidance has been instrumental in deeper and more authentic learning experiences.

Well done to all!

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