Sunday, May 13, 2018

In MS Everyone Can Be AWESOME!

Schools are great places to try new things and celebrate innovation, initiative and creativity. Middle Schools are arguably the "sweet spot" for such things because students are independent, passionate, and enthusiastic about touching their world in great ways!  That's why, in the Office of Service Learning, we're delighted that the new Project AWESOME has been created to allow students an avenue to showcase their version of awesome!

Below (in italic) is the excerpt from the Middle School Principal's May message to parents introducing this new initiative!  We can't wait to see the great things our middle schoolers will do to make their world just that much more awesome!

"I would also like to take a moment to highlight a new program we have initiated with students for the remainder of the school year called Project AWESOME. The program is aimed at engaging all students in the active process of contributing to a positive school culture in areas of: Advocacy, Well-being, Environmental, Service, Outreach, Mindfulness, or Entertainment. In advisory groups, students will brainstorm and commit to planning and engaging in a unique project that is, well, awesome! This could include random acts of kindness, volunteerism, "up-cycling" projects, or works of art or performances. Not only will this project empower students to make positive contributions, but also engages them in the skills of planning and action on projects that they are passionate about."

What a better way to end the year and engage students in culture building and positive change than putting awesome in their hands, supporting them in developing, learning and demonstrating their personal and collective awesome!

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