Monday, May 7, 2018

A Change Makin' Middle School!


Let's say that you're walking down the hallway wondering just what kind of school this American School of Dubai is. You're looking for evidence of learning, evidence of students addressing critical issues in their lives, showing leadership and expressing critical thinking in trying to make the world a better place. Is that too much to ask of a bunch of 12-14 year olds?  And say you're looking for them to impress you, too, with their presentational skills, their collaborative skills, perhaps through performance. And perhaps you're looking for some evidence that they are deeply concerned and want to take informed action to address issues that are important to them, and to make their community a happier place. 

Well, if you were searching for that type of evidence, on this day it wouldn't have taken you long to find. In what was a "wow" MS assembly the students who initiated, performed, presented, shared and collaborated did nothing but impress, one thing after another. The pictures above might not seem particularly varied. After all, they were standing on the very same stage. But look closely at the topics on the screen behind them and you'll get a heart-warming glimpse of the issues and topics that our middle school students are addressing. From happiness, to environmental action, to the sound levels in the cafeteria,  to reducing bullying to Project AWESOME, the middle school is - quite literally - awesome in bringing critical consciousness to the forefront and informed action to the stage!  

Way to go MS!

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