Monday, April 30, 2018

Earth Day, ES Style!

Earth Day (April 22) came and went. For some it was a chance to do the little things that it takes to show respect and appreciation for the planet. For others it was a more 'hands on' approach to things. The photos above are evidence of grade 5 students determined to do what they can within their own school community. Their awareness campaign - focusing on promoting Earth-friendly attitudes and behaviors - was supported by a campus waste collection campaign!  

We sincerely hope that their enthusiasm for the natural world, and specifically care and stewardship of it, will seep into the wonderful people they are becoming. For we all know that every day is Earth Day and when we're all looking the other way, the dispositions, attitudes and behaviors will be what makes defines us as the contributors to a rapidly changing world we all ascribe to being. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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