Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ASD Joins the Green Schools Alliance!

They say that there is strength in numbers and we're sure hoping that, in making our community a better place, this rings true of our work as well. As of this past week, the American School of Dubai is a newly established member of the Green Schools Alliance!  We are delighted to start up this international relationship with over 8,000 like-minded schools across the world as a way to connect, be inspired, share experiences, learn and take informed action on sustainability. 

The process involved the signing and sharing of a Letter of Commitment by our school's administration (represented by Michelle Remington, Associate Superintendent and chair of our Sustainability Committee) to become a "Sustainability Steward". This includes a commitment "to set goals, take action, and monitor and share progress in the three sustainability leadership action tracks: reduce our climate and ecological impact, educate and engage our community and transform our culture". 

This move was the combined effort of the Sustainability Action Team and our Sustainability Committee and sets a more "formal" course toward a sustainable present and future for our community. Of course, a move like this does not heavily alter what we are already doing with regard to improving our collective impact. We are already deeply committed to people and planet. But in choosing to join this collaborative organization we are more formally paving the way to continuing our journey to sustainability. 


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