Sunday, September 10, 2017

Welcome to a New Year of Contribution!

A very warm welcome to the ASD Community from the Office of Service Learning!  As the year quickly starts up, we are eager to continue our work from the previous years in offering authentic learning opportunities to both student and adult member of our community!  From our perspective it's important to share our goals for the year and to invite you all to the table of service learning, sustainability, global citizenship building and making the world a better place!  

Service Learning Priorities 2017-18

  • Expand partnerships (NESA, Dubai-based)
  • Increase authentic student learning experiences (experiential ed., field trips, etc.) 
  • Support MS Week Without Walls through sustainability & service learning focus
  • Engage in ASD strategic planning
  • Develop sustainability-related action plans (data, best practices, etc.) 
  • Create Professional Learning Communities to support teaching & learning
  • Collaborate with KHDA to streamline student organization events & activities
  • Expand collaboration with parent organizations

Sustainable Garden Priorities 2017-18
  • Increase signage in the gardens
  • Develop garden school tour program
  • Increase awareness of garden-related programs
  • Increase use of garden spaces by all community members
  • Increase composting system 
  • Generate mechanism for data collection of composting
  • Establish a new ES mud kitchen
  • Introduce a new garden for Global Issues in Action (grade 9)
  • Expand use of MS, Grade 2 and Maze gardens.

The items listed above, of course, are in addition to the already-established programs and learning opportunities we offer at ASD. We invite you to become involved, to share your thoughts, to give us your ideas, to be part of contributing to a rapidly changing world!

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