Tuesday, September 19, 2017

HS Students Start Their 2017-18 Engines

It's the Saturday of the first full week of school. Do you know where your children are? We do!  They are busy developing their leadership skills either as facilitators of learning or as participants in learning. 

Last weekend brought with it the enthusiasm and energy of over 100 HS student leaders who took part in the 2017 Student Leadership Retreat. This year's theme - Collaboration and Cohesion - focused on uniting HS student leaders in ASDs 34 service, academic and leadership organizations to share pertinent information, best practices and generate plans for the year ahead. For those in pilot organizations it also provided planning time to work on developing their mission statements, their constitutions as well as structure their organizations. 

The day itself included some inspiration from Mr. Ataya, CEO of BAYT.COM (and ASD parent) and our new HS Associate Principal, Kevin Brawn before the requisite "nuts and bolts" by Mr. Myers. Students then participated in sessions related to their organization as well as hugely popular job-alike sessions before being given time to plan and collaborate with the support of their advisors. 

All in all a great start to a year of contribution focused largely on collaboration between organizations and cohesion as a community!  A big thank you goes out to the organizing committee (comprised of member of the SGA, GIN and NHS)!

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