Monday, June 5, 2017

New Grade 2 Garden Tables, Courtesy of PTSA!

A while back the grade 2 students celebrated a change they initiaties in the second floor garden space. It was after their request to Mr. Advento that they were granted a new spigot. Well, they're back!  After their early success, they children opted to make the space even more suitable for use by all. After some further in-depth conversations with Ms. de Leon and Ms. Carden the students decided on a set of new tables (with umbrellas) to be set up in the same space. That will allow students a chance to benefit from share and workspace as they interact with their growing plants. It also creates a new space for respite for the rest of the community!

In a small opening ceremony today the children shared their story while developing their skills in being good hosts, speakers and collaborators. They also had a chance to write an article (shared as photos above for full effect) to share on this blog!  All in a day's work for these action planners!

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