Sunday, October 9, 2016

Student Leaders Start Their Engines

As with the beginning of any school year so too this year;s has been a flurry of activity when it comes to student organizations. Most notable of these - from a service learning perspective - has been the kickoff of both HS and MS student organizations. A total of 43 organizations (14 of which are service based) were represented at the HS and six were ably introduced to the MS. The pictures below show a glimpse of our service organization presenters already contributing to their school community while building leadership skills along the way. 

Looking for learning, Mr. Laurence Myers, ASD's new Service Learning Coordinator, took a gander around the stalls in the HS, and asked questions at the MS presentations, to gauge the learning involved. Each time the questions were met with evidence of developmentally appropriate learning regarding the nature of the organization, the issues involved in it's mission, the activities that are undertaken as well as the connections between the organization's purpose and the world at large. 

Students were able to meaningfully present, create, analyze, persuade and engage their peers in ways that would have impressed even the most die hard critics. Their demeanor purposeful but approachable, their knowledge deep and their skills clearly evident they exemplified a great introduction to what student organizations are all about: Solid leadership, excellent communication, focused on their organization's mission. All great learning and the beginning of a what is already an inspiring year! 

HS Service Organizations for 2016-17:

  • Educating Girls Globally (girls' education) 
  • END7 (eradicating disease) 
  • Global Issues Network (addressing global concerns) 
  • High Tide (addressing marine ecosystems) 
  • Kids for Wish Kids (supporting children with life-threatening medical conditions) 
  • Little Wings (children suffering from physical injuries & deformities) 
  • PAWS (neglected animals) 
  • Room to Read (education for children) 
  • Save the Children (support children in extreme circumstances) 
  • SEENAH (supporting communities) 
  • SHINE (engaging with children with special needs) 
  • Sustain Our World (healthy lifestyle choices) 
  • The Children's Emergency Fund (children in humanitarian crises)

MS Service Organizations for 2016-17:

  • Kids for Wish Kids (supporting children with life-threatening medical conditions) 
  • National Junior Honor Society (varied service programs) 
  • Room to Read (education for children) 
  • SEENAH (supporting communities) 
  • Student Council (supporting school student body) 
  • Sustain Our World (healthy lifestyle choices)

Laurence Myers
K-12 Service Learning Coordinator

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